Try Diving

Experience scuba diving in Bali !

What it`s like to breath underwater?
Not sure about diving, but want to give it a try? 

You don’t need to be a certified diver.
Diving give you new discoveries, new friends and a lot of excitement !
We will guide you to a beautiful underwater world in Bali!
It will be a totally different experience from your ordinary life.

Let’s Try Scuba Diving in Bali with us !

● Age at least 10 years old!

Basic info:
● Learn basic scuba diving theory and practice skills in shallow water
● Experience scuba diving in the ocean with PADI certified instructor (max depth 12m) x 2 dive 

● 1 day

What you experience:
● Whether you like it or not, you will experience how it feels like to breathe underwater.
● You will learn how you feel like to move around underwater wearing wet suit and dive equipment.
● You will learn some basic & safety rules