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Enjoy and explore the beautiful and amazing underwater world in Bali !

There are many dive sites throughout Bali, and most of them have different characteristics.

One of the most popular dive sites in Bali for all levels of divers is Tulamben, USAT Liberty point.  Very easy access from the beach, and it's known by one of the easiest & interesting wreck diving sites in the world.

If you love exciting diving with big fishes,  Nusa Penida in the one where you may be able to see Mola-Mola (Sunfish) if you are lucky. You may also like Gill Tepekong & Mimpan.

If you are macro lover, you can`t miss to go to PJ, Secret Bay, Tulamben/Seraya/Sidem/Melasti/Batu Niti and Padangbai/Jetty. Those are world class Muck diving points.

If you want  relax and enjoy diving, we suggest that you go to Menjangan or Amed where you can relax completely.  

Hope you enjoy diving in Bali !

The most popular diving area in Bali (shipwreck, drop-off and sandy slopes): All levels
White sandy slop and Muck diving. All levels
Nusa Penida
Sparkling clear water, healthy coral and famous for big Manta rays & Sunfish Some dive sites are need experience
Quiet fishing village. Drop off and Beautiful soft coral: All levels
Located in the National Park. Mysterious old wooden shipwreck and beautiful gorgonian covered wall. Bali's remier dive: site All levels
Puri Jati (P.J)
Absolutely Muck diving. Good for underwater photographer: All levels with good buyancy control skill
Secret Bay
Absolutely Muck diving. Good for underwater photographer All levels with good buyancy control skill
Gill Tepekong & Mimpang
Dynamic drop off and beautiful corals. Enjoy combination of wall, slope, cave and coral diving. You may be able to see Mola-Mola there