Master Scuba Diver

The highest rating in PADI recreational scuba diver !

One of the best ways to become an active diver is to experience new and exciting adventures. That, in essence, is what the PADI Master Scuba Diver program is about.

By taking part in the broad range of activities possible with the PADI Master Scuba Diver program, you can explore new dive sites, experience new conditions, meet other divers and even try out different types of equipment and specialty gear.

Most importantly, you can stay active, gain confidence and earn the respect of other divers around you. Upon completion of the challenge you will have the highest non-professional PADI rating in recreational diving.


  • Rescue Diver or Junior Rescue Diver
  • Minimum of 5 Specialty Diver courses
  • Minimum of 50 logged dives