Tulamben is one of the most popular dive sites in Bali !

120 meter shipwreck,  dramatic drop-off, rich reef,  sand slopes and muck diving !  Truly anyone can enjoy world class diving !  If you are photographer, you will be very busy !

Location: Tulamben / North-east coast of Bali. Travel about 2 hours from south Bali.

Dive site: Liberty Wreck

  • One of the most popular dive sites in Bali.
  • Very easy conditions and great richness. World Wall II American shipwreck (USAT Liberty) lying from 6 meter to 30 meters deep. This may be the world`s safest large wreck to dive. A lot to see ! You may be amazed !Beach entry.
  • For all levels of divers

Dive site: Drop-off

  • Tulamben drop-off often produces pleasant surprise! It starts from sandy slop and reef starts. Very rich fish life, huge Sponges and Barracuda. Big Gorgonian Fans is around 30m deep. Beach entry.
  • For All levels of diver

Dive site: Coral Gardens

  • Very relaxing dive site just around 15m deep. Yet, a lot to see there ! Beach entry. Slop.
  • For all levels of diver

Dive site: Batu Kelebit

  • Just around the corner from Tulamben Bay. Very beautiful site consists of steep, coral-covered ridges separated by valleys of bright white sand. 5-10 minutes by traditional boat.
  • For all levels of diver

Dive site: Seraya

  • One of the best MUCK diving site in Bali. Harlequin Shrimps, various Frogfish, Pipe fish, variety of Crabs and Shrimps! Truly great place for photographer ! Beach entry.
  • For all level of divers